Inside New York’s Sexy Boudoir Parties

This entire story started with a beautiful girl named Jillian who came into the studio to do a boudoir shoot for her soon to be husband. Needless to say, a little hair and makeup turned her into a vixen!


After this shoot Jillian met with me for a makeup lesson so I could teach her how to do her own makeup for her west coast nuptials.

About a year later it was her sister’s turn to tie the knot so we scheduled a boudoir shoot with Catherine Leonard and of course I did the hair and makeup. It just so happened that the Post wanted to shoot a piece with Catherine on “Boudoir Parties” so I convinced this lovely group of ladies to bare themselves for the camera. I did makeup and hair for all 5 girls and these beauties made it to the cover of the Post, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Chelsea Lately‚Ķ you name it, everyone covered this story the same day it hit the cover! Who doesn’t want to talk about beautiful women in their panties? They had a true Victoria’s Secret moment! LOL!