My Go To Concealer

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My Favorite Concealer after all these years is still the Corrector & Concealer by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics… Believe me, I’ve tried them ALL!

Once you find your perfect match, you’ll be hooked! This is a 2 step process… I’m sure I’ve lost half of you because you wan to spend as little time on your makeup as possible but it only takes a few extra seconds and yields a world of difference!

Step 1: Corrector
This product is truly a wakeup call for tired eyes. Corrector brightens and covers discoloration under the eyes utilizing a pink- or peach-based formula to neutralize under eye darkness (available in

Step 2: Concealer
This yellow-based Creamy Concealer goes over the corrector adding an extra layer of brightness for the ultimate coverage (available in 15 shades)

Optional – Step 3: Pressed powder
The concealer can be purchased with or without the powder. I often skip this step, intended to set concealer for long-lasting wear

Check out this Before & After of my client for the perfect example of how a combination of corrector and concealer can lift and brighten not only the under eye area but the entire face!