Summer in the Park

There’s nothing like a June wedding In Central Park and I was lucky enough to do this Beauty’s makeup on the big day! Congratulations Olia, you couldn’t have made a more beautiful bride! Check out this gorgeous couple…





What Olia had to say…

“Michelle was incredibly responsive. I sent her many emails going back and forth about pros and cons of traditional vs. airbrush makeup. She responded to every single one of those within the next few hours. I had to work with a few NY vendors and I haven’t experienced such responsiveness and care from anyone else. Michelle was supposed to come after my hairstylist and do my make-up only. But on the day of the wedding my hairstylist couldn’t get to me on time. Her bus broke down on NJ Turnpike 50 miles away from NYC (she was coming from Baltimore). I think every bride can imagine my panic at the moment I found out that there is NO WAY she can make it on time. I called Michelle and she was on her way as soon as she got my voice-mail. I got very lucky that she was living 20 blocks away from my hotel but I believe that not every person would literally jump out of the shower to get to me as soon as possible. She saved the day. Honestly, I’ve never had professional makeup done before and I couldn’t compare Michelle’s work to anyone else. Just recently I had an experience with another make-up professional for a friend’s wedding which made me realize how fantastic and talented Michelle truly is. Michelle looked at the pictures of the makeup style and started working on it very confidently. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to make me look my best on my wedding day. I looked gorgeous, natural and very glamorous at the same time. Makeup was flawless all day long and the only thing I needed to touch up on was my lipstick. There might be cheaper alternatives but she is worth every penny. Saving some money is simply not worth adding extra stress to your wedding day. If you want someone professional, reliable, responsive, respectful and talented, I would strongly recommend Michelle. She will make you look your BEST on your wedding day. “